food_ser_pic2_pngHighplains Marketing Services Food Service Team specializes in servicing only the military marketplace.  The Food Service Division of HMS is comprised of three segments servicing food service for the military, commissary, and exchanges with retail service to support commissary in-store activities.  We are committed to providing full time service representation with a fully staffed office to support administrative functions and field sales efforts at all levels.

HMS’s sales team includes solid sales management, a corporate culinary chef, area sales managers, local level representatives and food demonstrators.  HMS provides sales coverage globally.

food_ser_pic1_pngThe strength of our company is in the synergies created by each division to meet our overall objectives.  The focus in each division compliments our business strategy to allow for professional service representation at the end-user level.

Our structure and field coverage provides our clients with full service representation and culinary support to all food service outlets.  This includes on-site calls, product presentations, cuttings, and food management board meetings.  In addition, we provide our services to MWR facilities including individual ships, galleys, mess and club facilities as well as Prime Vendor headquarter calls.

Our true success comes from teaming up with manufacturers to offer the military marketplace superior products and service.